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Christopher Myers, Principal

Christopher (Chris) Myers has been an entrepreneur in the lighting design arena for more than two decades. After receiving a B.S. in geology with a secondary major in anthropology from the College of William & Mary in Virginia, Chris came to Colorado in 1985 to work with Amory Lovins and his pioneering think-tank, The Rocky Mountain Institute.


After a year of researching the then fledgling world of energy-efficient technologies, he joined forces with an associate at the Institute to grow the start-up lighting company of Rising Sun Enterprises, Inc. The new company expanded steadily in response to the growing demand for energy-efficient lighting design expertise. There, over a 12-year stay, he both helped develop the venture and honed his lighting skills and aesthetic, working on commercial and residential projects from coast-to-coast.

With a focus on the hospitality industry, he has designed aesthetically exemplary "green-friendly" systems for 5-star hotels, restaurants, and spas/resorts but has also engineered systems for galleries, dentists, doctors, schools, retail stores, offices, and warehouses.  Having worked with compact fluorescent technology since its inception, he is an expert in energy-efficient lighting and controls, applied both commercially and residentially. 

Chris served on Town Council for four years and has helped the Town of Telluride preserve its National Historic District status by serving on the Historic and Architectural Review Commission.

Chris, a "morning" person, savors the dynamic light of dawn in our glacially-sculptured, alpine valley.